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About Tommy

Thank you so much for your consideration in donating to the Tommy Davis Memorial Fund.

Tommy was just 30 years old when his life was tragically taken on April 13, 2018. He had just completed his master’s degree and was a Senior Financial Analyst for Mercy Health at the Muskegon Health Project.

Tommy was a fan of all sports, an athlete, and had a profound love for basketball where he played throughout his high school years at Mona Shores and then at Muskegon Community College where he earned many awards. Until his death, he was active in men’s league basketball as well. Tommy had a hysterically funny
sense of humor and enjoyed spending time with family and friends. He also had a passion for giving back and was Chair of the Finance Committee for Habitat for Humanity, participated in many charitable events and it was not uncommon for him to ask a homeless stranger to join him for dinner.

Upon his death, he was an organ and tissue donor through the Gift of Life Program. We have had a recipient reach out to us and it gives us comfort knowing that he is still helping others.

Tommy was someone who would do anything for family and friends. He had an irreplaceable charm and an urge to look at life through a positive lens.

Our Mission

Tommy loved the Muskegon community and saw the potential of how great of a city Muskegon is and can be. In his short time living, Tommy left a legacy of what it means to be a good person and his vision will live on through the Tommy Davis Memorial Fund.

With your donation, we are going to host area youth basketball camps, scholarships and give back to the Muskegon Community in every way imaginable.

We are a legal non-profit organization and every dollar that comes in will help enhance the lives of Muskegon County children and programs. Our goal is not only to give back but to inspire others to do the same.

Together we can bring good to the community and honor those who are not here.